THE HORROR ICONS (1971 – 1996) – My Original Poster Design

How Many HORROR Films can you name in this poster?

I Love Horror Movies

Iconic Horror Movie Villains from 1971 thru to 1996.

I like working on long-term project based drawings. Gives me something to look forward to when I dive into it every night. Usually when I sketch or paint something it takes me a few hours and then it’s done. So I’ve been giving myself longer, bigger projects to work on that I can take my time on and watch it come together over a period of time. I am very pleased with the finished piece and I have sold a few on my Etsy page as well! I’m very happy with the results and the reception since unveiling it! It took me about 5 weeks and 85 hours to complete in total. I was working on it an hour or two here or an hour or two there, and eventually it was finished. The fun part was really deciding who would…

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