“COSMOS” – Painting Project

“COSMOS” by Gerry Albert Studios

This was a fun project I worked on up north this summer. One of my neighbors was going to burn a Large Plywood Board for a campfire. When I saw him grab it to throw on the fire, I asked if I could keep it and gave him some other  wood to burn instead. So a few weeks later, I sanded and cleaned that plywood board and spray painted it almost like an Ombre style. Once the back ground was complete, I then proceeded to design the rest of the painting with acrylic drops. Along with the painting, I fabricated a custom built frame, which I sanded, wood burned, and stained. Once dry, I finished off the piece with a nice epoxy resin finish. It’s large, a bit heavy, but I love how it came out and I think it would look amazing on someone’s wall.

I live in a cramped apartment in Toronto, so I don’t really have the space to do large painting projects at home, and I can’t really afford to rent a studio space. So during the fall and winter months I tend to focus more on my other artistic interests that I can do from home; such as video editing, music production, digital illustration, or sketching. But once May rolls in, I have a Trailer up North and I have an abundance of space that allows me to work on larger, more physical, projects like the one in the video.

One of my favorite things to do up North at my trailer, is to admire the gorgeous sunsets, and sparkling starry night skies. This painting is in honor of that spirit. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

Music in this video:

Song: LOOK UP!
Artist: Gerard Albert
Album: LOOK UP!
Click HERE to Listen to the Full Track

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