GAS Presents – STAR TREK WARS: A Cosmic Battle Mash Up


This was one of my early video editing attempts I did 4 years ago. With all the effort of divorcing and moving back to Toronto a few years ago, I completely forgot about it and it was buried somewhere on my portable hard drive since. Well, today I found it, added a few tweaks, and posted it. I’ve been forever a fan of both franchises my entire life and I wanted to do something incorporating them both in it. Although I prefer Star Trek The Next Generation series over the original, I’ve still always preferred the films with the original show’s cast members more than TNG. So I went in that direction. As for Star Wars…well, each of the films have their place in Fandom but my faves have always been the original trilogy.

Concept Premise:

*The United Federation of Planets and The Rebel Alliance join forces to defeat the new détente of the Klingon and Galactic Empires in a 2 part battle across the galaxy. Captain James T Kirk and his crew aboard the starship USS Enterprise, must defeat the Klingon General Chang and his forces on one front in order to destroy critical supplies they are running for Galactic Emperor Palpatine. Meanwhile, across the Galaxy, the Rebel Alliance has amassed for one final do or die fight against the Emperor’s planet destroying Death Star. Luke Skywalker must evade Darth Vader in order to fire a critical shot to cripple the Death Star’s defenses. At the same time, while under heavy Imperial attack, Lando Calrissian, in the fabled Millennium Falcon, must lead a team of Rebel Alliance X-Fighters deep into the Death Star’s core to blow it up and generate a chain reaction that will detonate the colossal artificial moon. Can all parties accomplish their respective missions before the Empire Strikes back in full force? (See what I did there? lol). Find out, by Checking it out:


Not going to lie, I was in full nerd mode when I put this video together. In 1990, I saw Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country on opening night at a movie theatre in Toronto when I was but a wee lad of 14. I was captivated immediately by it, and it is still probably my favorite Star Trek film ever. In fact, when I decided to put this idea together, it all stemmed from a line Mr. Sulu makes in the movie “Target that explosion and fire”. I worked backwards on this video, shooting the Death Star explosion first and then working my way backward. That’s so like me…reading the ending first before I tackle the rest of the book. Lol. Well, I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for dropping in! 🙂

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