Today’s post, I just felt like doing something simple. So I wanted to showcase my Best Commission Pieces I’ve been hired to illustrate.


I asked everyone on my friends list to like and share my GERRY ALBERT STUDIOS page to their newfeeds to help get eyes on my page for my business. Ann Marie did just that and shared on her page with a lovely review of my work. Ann Marie and I worked together many years ago at Sears but as life goes you go on to live a life and keep in touch on Social Media. Well no sooner did she post about my page, her friend Megan contacted me to do a print FOR Ann Marie. It was to feature her love of baking, her dog Riley, her magic baking converse shoes, alcohol, music and dancing. I finished the piece and Megan was thrilled.

I had the great opportunity to deliver the framed completed print to Ann Marie at her home. She was so happy with it! I also got to chat and reconnect with her after so much time has passed.
I got to meet and chat with Ted, her husband, and I got to meet the star of the poster…Riley the dog herself! I also got a delicious bag of baked goodies to bring home!! 🙂

Thank you for this experience Megan and Ann Marie. It illustrates that when you have something special made for someone, it’s more than just art you are buying, it’s emotion, it’s gratitude, it’s letting someone special know how special they are to you. I love it!! It’s truly my favorite part of this business!


My Cousin asked me to do a print for her Mom (my Aunt) of her Grandsons. She was thrilled when she opened it!
Happy Birthday Ma Tante!

THE 40 CLUB – For the Boys – January to March 2016

A few years ago my friends hit the big 4-0 (myself included). So I wanted to do something special as gifts to my dear friends to commemorate this milestone in ageing. I wanted these gifts to be cost effective, unique to them, and something that highlights some of their likes or interests. So I created little mini – posters for a few of these friends for their birthdays that year.

Bob at 40

Bob Willette was the first in my myriad mob of misfit miscreants to metamorphosis from 30-something to Middle-Aged (ha ha sorry buddy), his birthday is in January. In conjunction with a really cool Quentin Tarantino themed birthday party (Bob’s a Q.T. mega-fan), I crafted his poster to have a familiar feel as some of Tarantino’s classic films (right down to the Sam Jackson-like quaff).

Brad at 40

Brad Carpenter has an early March birthday. For quite a few years (before I got shacked up and moved out of Dodge) I used to chill at Brad’s for every single WWE Pay-per-view. Brad’s a Wrestling Superfan, so I knew that was the direction I had to go with his poster design.

Mark at 40

Mark Wilmot celebrates his b-day at the end of March. I have been friends with Mark for almost 40 years. My affinity for comic books started because hitting the comic shops is what we did at 11 – 13 years old. We were each other’s Best Men at our respective weddings. Although meant to be a bit humorous in the drawing, the title of Incredible Mark is nothing but serious.

I love doing these!! I like trying to infuse some of their personalities into the design!


My Mom had requested of me to draw up a portrait poster of her two Granddaughters, my daughter Kenleigh and my great-niece Kaia, a few years ago. Well, when I launched GAS Designs, I ended up getting pretty busy with jobs and commission requests that I didn’t have time to do this for my Mom and it sort of fell to the back burner. But in mid-November, with Christmas fast approaching, I decided to put together the portrait drawing of the girls together for my Mom as a Christmas gift instead of a paid gig from my Mom. As she is also a greenthumb and loves flowers, I decided to border the portrait with a variety of colorful flora. That really brought the piece together and really felt like something representative of my Mom. She was very pleased with the finished product when I presented it to her at Christmas!

"Kenleigh and Kaia" by Gerry Albert of Imstillakid Designs
“Kenleigh and Kaia” by Gerry Albert of Imstillakid Designs

I was also very pleased with my finished piece, and I thought that a smaller poster portrait featuring just Kenleigh would make a nice gift for her OTHER Grandmother (my now Ex-wife’s Mom) and Auntie and Uncle too, so with a few weeks to spare before Santa’s big day, I modified the picture and made a separate version with just my Crazy K Bird featured. Grandma and Grandpa, and Auntie and Uncle really enjoyed the framed picture gift.

"Kenleigh @ 4 Years Old" by Gerry Albert of Imstillakid Designs
“Kenleigh @ 4 Years Old” by Gerry Albert of Imstillakid Designs

I cheated and ordered one for myself too (which I just put up at my desk at work to keep my spirits high every day!)….

Brightens up my drabby workstation!
Brightens up my drabby workstation!


My former Neighbors of 9 years, Steve and Amanda, are good peeps! Steve was very helpful when I demonstrated how little I knew about being a Home Handyman, and I carpooled with Amanda to the train every morning for awhile when I had car troubles. I wanted to get them something nice / special for Christmas, but with my ex-wife only working part-time gigs at the time, the $$$ was a little tight to go out spending lots on gifts that year, so I decided to do a portrait of my friends-neighbors along with their two awesome dogs Richard and Maddie. The setting in the pic is more a cottage-esque setting in lieu of our actual homes. They both were quite thrilled when I presented it to them on Christmas Eve. I really enjoyed putting this one together. Eventually they moved to a small town in Ontario, and hopefully got a home that looks like the pic. 🙂

"Steve, Amanda, Richard and Maddie" by Gerry Albert of Imstillakid Designs
“Steve, Amanda, Richard and Maddie” by Gerry Albert of Imstillakid Designs


A little over a month after I presented my Mom with the portrait of her Granddaughters, we had my cousin and her family over for a lovely visit and dinner, and she spotted that same framed picture of Kenleigh. Knowing that I had just launched my Art and Design company quietly 2 weeks prior, my cousin approached me about doing a portrait of her 3 sons as Toronto Blue Jays (they love baseball and their hometeam!). I told her that I would be honored to do it.

Play Ball Boys! by Gerry Albert  - More From the Artist:
Play Ball Boys! by Gerry Albert – More From the Artist:

Here is the picture hung up on her wall. My cousin has since had another little boy so Im sure I may get a request for an updated picture one day soon!

Hung Up


A Commission Piece I did for a work friend. Album cover and liner notes for my friend’s one man band, WOODLAND PRATTLERS, and self-produced music CD. The concept album is children’s nursery rhymes and songs done in a heavy metal style. In the images below, the animals come across musical instruments in the forest and anamorphize into a rock band. lol.


This is my latest, completed, Commission piece for a lovely lady that hired me to do up a summer portrait of all her children. Thank you my niece for SHARING my Gerry Albert Studio posts.
I landed this commission because of her. See?? SHARING works!! Give it a try! Lol.

**I hope you enjoyed my Commissions Gallery! Please LIKE and SHARE my PAGE. I will give a shout out credit to anyone who lands me a commission from Sharing. Thanks Everyone, Have a Blessed Day!**

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