MONSTERS! A Gallery of HORROR Faces

MONSTERS by Gerry Albert

I am a lover of all things Horror. I grew up and adored Horror movies. Still do as it’s my favorite film genre. I also really enjoy drawing different kinds of faces. So every now and again when I sit to relax with my sketch book, I start doodling a face with my Pen (yeah I draw in Pen, I’m weird like that), and let it take shape. After awhile I discovered that I had done quite a few of these Horror Faces, so I put them together in a gallery. A “Faces of Horror” if you will.

While I do enjoy the classic characters that come out of Cinema (ie: Jason, Freddy, Dracula, etc…), i’m more interested in exploring the basic archetypes of Horror Movie Monsters. All of the images in this post started off as a simple Pen and Ink drawing. With some I had color just for pop, and for the ones I really liked I did a full digital recreation. I really like the assortment. Above we have “El Diablo” who is a Devil, a “They Live (1988)” inspired alien, a virally infected human (not a zombie, they’re coming up in a bit. lol), and ancient beast a la The Creature From the Black Lagoon, and a fat slovenly Demon.

From supernatural folklore, to dynamic dystopic future maniacs, I try to capture as many different character types as I can. In this grouping, I have my interpretation of H.P. Lovecraft’s Chthulu, Death as represented by a face being dissected apart, Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies, a Gargoyle, and a creature with more modern radioactive origins.

Every artist has their own style and technique. What I like to do when I draw faces is I start with the eyes and work my way outward.  It really helps it come together because the monster is already staring at me to make sure I don’t mess up!! Which is easy to do when you draw in pen. But I find drawing in pen makes me more adaptable and I improvise better. When I draw in pencil, I’m constantly erasing mistakes. Drawing in pen…make a mistake, ok fix it.  The Witch is strangely my favorite of all the faces I’ve drawn. There’s also the madman who was clearly inspired by the Joker, a Terminator-esque Cyborg from the future, a Hideous inbred mutated freak, and a Ghoul.

Growing up I was like a lot of kids who grew up devouring, reading, and collecting comics. That was always my first love. When I discovered Horror movies as a pre-teen, I added a number 2 most favorite. So a lot of my comic book inspirations do show up in my art style. I was a huge fan of comic artist Kevin Maguire in the 1980’s with his run on Justice League. The way he emoted facial expressions is still incomparable.  It’s my bench mark to strive for. Got to meet him at Fan Expo in Toronto a few years ago. That was really cool! Here we have the Mad Scientist, Mr. Hyde, a Killer Klown, the Hunchback of Notre Dame Quasimodo, and a post-apocalyptic mutant.

I think one day, I’d like to expand on these faces more, add bodies, maybe do a cool poster collage of monsters. It’s been in the back of my mind for a while, but just haven’t got off my butt to start yet. I’d also like to take a few more of my pen drawings and give them the digital make over like I did with some of the others. Pen and ink drawing is incredible, but nothing beats that clean polished digital look with gradients, shading, color and tone.  In this grouping we have, the science experiment gone wrong, my favorite movie baddie ever Jason Voorhees, a more stylish Phantom of the Opera, an alien monster in a mask, and one of the Undead.

This assortment includes my take on The Golem a statue animated by supernatural means to be an engine of destruction, Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie’s Devil’s Rejects trilogy, a Corpse Bride, the psychopath a la Hannibal Lecter, and a the Wraith — a vengeful spirit left to haunt the Earth for eternity.

Finally, we have the Backwoods Beast (archetypal trope for many a 70’s / 80’s horror films), a dystopic future Cyber Overlord in the vein of the Matrix films, the Conduit who is a bridge to another evil realm, the Redneck Southern Vampire — who is closer in comparison to Kathryn Bigelow’s NEAR DARK movie versions of a Vampire instead of the usual Vampire type. Finally, one of the incarnations of The Thing from the movie of the same name.

**I hope these didn’t frighten you too much! Haha! I’d love to know which were your favorites of this assortment?!  Thanks for reading and I hope to have more very soon!**

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