Any LOST Fans out there? I absolutely loved this show and it is still to this day one of my favorite shows ever. I drew the picture below almost 10 years ago when the show LOST was just ending. I was a mega fan of this show. Still am. But this drawing was also one of my very first attempts at digital art. I was never happy with it. This was my favorite show of all time and the pic I drew just didn’t measure up to me.

The LOST Dharma Station — Art by Gerry Albert — More From the Artist: http://gerryalbert.deviantart.com/gallery/

“THE LOST DHARMA STATION” Illustration I did for the LOST Finale Party I hosted in 2010. Speaking of that party, here are a few fun pics:

That was a very fun evening, and that party was the first time I ever organized a big viewing party of a show. I only did it once more in 2019 for Game of Thrones.

LOST Homage by Gerry Albert
“LOST” Collage by Gerry Albert

The Original LOST “Doodles” from 2010 I did that sparked this project. Yikes, these looked rough.

My Basement Shrine to LOST – the glass case.
My Basement Shrine to LOST – Hurley and Mr. Eko
My Basement Shrine to LOST – Locke, kate and friend
My Basement Shrine to LOST – Jack and the DVD’s
My Basement Shrine to LOST – Custom made Hurley’s Dharma Van

The pics I’ve included above depicting what a massive fan of the show I am. Sadly, that collection was sold a few years ago. But I’m glad I was able to revisit it a little bit right now.

Well, ok…on to the meat and potatoes of this post! A little less than a month ago, Mom and I started re-watching the entire series of LOST. I figured now was my time to re-design and re-draw my concept. So I would work on this while we were watching the show. Last night, we finished watching the whole series over, and I completed my poster collage. 🙂

I guess why Im really discussing this is, never get rid of your old ideas, pieces of art, stories. Because sometimes those pieces don’t feel right because they aren’t finished yet. Whether it takes a few months or many years, sometimes it’s worth revisiting. I’m glad that I kept them all. Also, make sure to draw what you love. Even if it seems foolish to others or they don’t get it. It doesn’t matter. It’s for you, by you! 🙂

*LOST Poster on my Etsy Shop!



  1. Huge LOST fan and enjoyed seeing your art. I’ve watched it twice and I still have questions. No series has come close since.

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    1. You are so right. There will never be an all encompassing show like this. Game of Thrones is a close, yet still distant 2nd compared to LOST. I’ve watched the series 6 times now from start to finish and Im still finding out things. Lol

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      1. Your tempting me to watch it a third time 😂 whose your favourite character? I agree with Game of Thrones being a distant 2nd. What do you think about the ending of lost?

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      2. My favorite characters were Desmond and Daniel. Two men tragically linked by time travel. Also Sawyer. Great redemptive story arc for him. I actually liked the ending. But it was a difficult show to satisfy everyone.

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  2. Really loved the show too, though I have a love hate relationship with the way it ended. Had to explain to our kids we experienced it before Netflix— so we had to wait an entire week to know what happened next! Also a big fan of revisiting old work and polishing. Well done!

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    1. I loved loved loved the show. Didn’t mind the ending personally. I find Netflix and streaming has killed the ole watercooler conversations the day after a show airs. LOST was huge for that at my work when it was on TV.

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  3. I had an ambivalent relationship to it too, being afraid to binge watching it (like Breaking Bad). The story is surreal with a number of more less likely events. Somehow it is reflecting that period in history when it was made. The period after September 11.

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  4. It’s been 10 years?!! I enjoyed your artwork and memorabilia. Thinking about some that I “collected” myself after being an extra in about 1/2 dozen episodes. Guess it’s time to revisit the show.


    1. I certainly think that they can go back to the island if the story is strong enough. Just re-doing LOST over again would not work IMO.

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  5. Wow your committed! I really enjoyed watching lost. I’ve rewatched it several times but have never gone to such lengths to commemorate it. I love your Lost 10 year party! It looks great! All your merch is amazing I didn’t even know they made lost merch. All this makes me want to do another hard rewatch of the series!

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    1. Most of the merchandise was McFarlane Toys series of toys made in 2006 – 2008. The rest was magazine photos I cut out or made.


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